Dec 30

Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter

Olympic Gold Medalist, Tyler Clary on professional gamers, favorite gadgets and goals for 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter.

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With Michael Phelps now retired, the future of the United States Olympic swimming hopes rests partially on Tyler Clary. The gold-medal-winning swimmer is already preparing for Rio 2016.

When he’s not in the pool, Clary, 23, likes to play video games. He’s also a DJ. Clary was able to blend his two hobbies together this year at the Curse Gaming House in Beverly Hills, where he played DJ to League of Legends pro gamers and others in eSports. Clary talks about his love of gaming in this exclusive interview.
The Hollywood Reporter: How much time did you actually get to enjoy London during the 2012 Games?
Tyler Clary: After I did what I did in the 200 backstroke, it was pretty wild between going to see my family, media relations and things like that. So I actually didn’t have a whole lot of time right after swimming was over to get to enjoy London. I did get to DJ twice in town at a club called Chinawhite; that was absolutely amazing, and I was able to take my girlfriend down to France for a couple of days.

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