Mar 16

Erin Cahill talks finding the ‘essence’ of her ‘Red Widow’ ‘Real Housewife’

Actress, Erin Cahill from ABC’s “Red Widow” talks to Examiner.com on how she didn’t initially get the role she auditioned for. Instead, she received a surprising phone call from Twilight screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg:

“Melissa called me personally, and I had maybe met her twice at that point. She called me personally, which has never happened to me ever—that the creator of a show had called me personally! She said, ‘I want to offer you Felicity. It’s a very small role in the pilot, but I see her as recurring, and in my vision of the show, she comes back and has a bigger part, and I would love to offer that to you’,” Cahill said.

Erin goes on to describe her character, Felicity as the much younger girlfriend of Petrov patriarch Andrei played by Rade Serbedzija. Playing Felicity is a true star turn for Erin who considers most of her previous roles to be “Girl Next Door” or “Young Wife” types.

“She’s very sweet, and she never has ill intentions. Even if she makes mistakes, it’s always for what she thinks is a good reason. She’s sweet, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed…I think it definitely went off of my essence a little bit. Hopefully, not the part of being dim. But about her being kind of heart-forward and being very driven by kindness. She’s the patriarch of the family’s girlfriend. They don’t take her seriously. She’s just this sweet girl. [Andrei] just wanted somebody easy and cute by his side, and she’s there, serving as that, to kind of dote on him,” Cahill said.

Erin Cahill with Rade RED WIDOW

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